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The Importance of Taking Approved Courses

When you take a traffic ticket class, you want to rest assured that you're taking a course that you can count on. Our courses let you sleep easy at night because we only offer programs that fully meet state traffic school requirements and are accepted as a means of having your ticket dismissed. To see if your ticket is approved for erasure, simply start the registration process, we'll tell you from the outset if your state or county approves trafficschool.

About Our Free Trial

  • Sign up for an online class from home, a library, or anywhere with an internet connection. Don't know if you are eligible for traffic-school? No problem, our registration page will help determine if you qualify in your state.
  • After you've registered, you'll be given the choice to 'Pay Now' or 'Pay Later' - choose 'Pay Later' to begin right away without making payment.
  • We will allow you take all course sections for free, up until the final examination.
  • Once you reach the final test, you will be asked for payment in order to continue. After making payment, you will be given entry to the final examination!
  • When you pass your final test (taking as many times as you need), you earn a completion certificate. It's that simple!

  • DISCOUNT ALERT: And by using Low Price Traffic School, you'll receive an additional discount from the course provider's already affordable, regular price. Just another way we make paying for a ticket so much easier!
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    How Traffic School Online Works in California

  • Complete an 8 hour CA course which consists of 7 educational, easy to read chapters.
  • Course encourages defensive driving skills and increases your knowledge of traffic safety laws.
  • Finish your class all in one sitting or spend several days, weeks, or months - you set your own pace.
  • Automatically saving as you go, your course can be logged off and logged back in when you want to.
  • Pass short quizzes as you go to continue on to the next chapter.
  • At the course's end, pass a final exam to earn your official completion certificate. Take the final test over and over if needed, until you pass. There isn't any added fees for taking the final exam several times.
  • Once you pass, your certificate will be sent to the proper location. Some courts allow us to mail your certificate to them for you. Others require we mail the certificate of completion directly to you for processing.

  • From California? Check out the CA Tickets Fixed Page

    About Florida Traffic School Online

    Get started with the class that is FL DHSMV approved and satisfies your ticket school and driver improvement requirements. Our discounted price covers all your costs:

  • Florida ticket assessment fees
  • Standard shipping
  • Entire 7 section Internet course
  • Official Certificate of Completion

  • To see what courses are available to you, simply visit the registration page. In Florida, you can choose from three courses:

  • Four Hour BDI Course - Points removed from your record and lower your fine.
  • Four Hour TCAC Course - For a DHSMV assigned TCAC requirement.
  • Four Hour Court Ordered Course - If ordered by a Florida judge.

  • From Florida? Check out the FL Tickets Erased Page

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    Why does LowPriceTrafficSchool.com have the most recommended traffic school? Because we are powered by TrafficSchool.com, the leader in lowest price traffic school. By selecting TrafficSchool.com you are promised the most up-to-date traffic school courses and a no nonsense money back guarantee.

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